A downloadable game for Windows

Lets Create Game Jam - August 2017

Builds can also be located here for the time being Here.


  • Use the mouse to aim
  • Use WASD to move; movement goes in the direction you're aiming
  • Hold left click to charge the bow
  • Use 'Q' to change between Bow and Shield
  • Use 'E' to pickup and drop the chest

General Notes

  • In order for others (non local) to connect you must portforward the port (8911)
  • In its current state the game server can only play one game; after the game everything must be restarted again
  • If you get stuck at waiting for server connection message; try restarting the client and trying again


  • oOHicksyOo - Programming & UI/UX Design
  • OwainBrmwl - 3D Artist
  • MrOutsider - 3DArtist
  • trevynstegall - Audio
  • John Petkanis - Level Design

Gameplay on the test map

Install instructions

Client - Down and open the .exe file to start the game

Server - Run .bat file to running the server in just a console mode, if you instead run the exe then the server window and console will appear.


Windows Client 35 MB
Windows Server 25 MB


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Basically a LIT game. Fun Competitive multiplayer.

Can't wait for the DLC.

Will this come out on the Ouja?

Can I use this to install Bitcoin miners on peoples PCs?